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and dangers of conflict, pulling imaginary strings
in people's minds.
In Germany popular thought is supposed to
be under the control of Herr Dr Goebbels ; in
Great Britain we writers have been invited to
place ourselves at the disposal of some Ministry
of Information, that is to say at the disposal of
hitherto obscure and unrepresentative individuals,
and write under its advice* Officials from the
British Council and the Conservative Party Head-
quarters appear in key positions in this Ministry
of Information. That curious and little adver-
tised organisation I have just mentioned, the
creation I am told of Lord Lloyd, that British
Council, sends emissaries abroad, writers, well-
dressed women and other cultural personages, to
lecture, charm and win over foreign appreciation
for British characteristics, for British scenery,
British political virtues and so forth. Somehow
this is supposed to help something or other.
Quietly, unobtrusively, this has gone on. Maybe
these sample British give unauthorised assurances
but probably they do little positive harm. But
they ought not to be employed at allj^Any govern- *
ment propaganda is contrary to the essential spirit
of democracy. The expression of opinion and col-
lective thought should be outside the range of
government activities altogether. It should be the